The Running Clinic Philanthropic Fund aims to:


- Raise awareness with the community about the benefits of physical activity;


- Promote young people’s health through running;


- Support running athletes through their journey, as ambassadors of health values.




The Running Clinic wishes to be an agent of change in its community, by demonstrating that a healthy lifestyle is taught by setting an example and creating projects that bring people together. Thanks to The Running Clinic Philanthropic Fund, we raise awareness about the benefits of physical activity, support running athletes through their progress and promote young people’s health through running.


We are proud to get involved in the community in many ways 


  • Since 2012, we have gotten over 5,000 children moving per year as part of The Running Clinic Mini Marathon Series.


  • Since 2013, The Running Clinic has been an important partner of the Cours ta Réussite program, an organization working to keep young people in school, by raising thousands of dollars and helping young runners prevent injuries in their physical preparation.


  • In 2014, with the help of 42 people dedicated to the cause, we managed to raise more than $200,000 for Fibrose kystique Québec, as part of the Défibrose: la grande muraille de Chine event organized by Geneviève Plante and Sébastien Richard.


  • In 2014 and 2015, The Running Clinic Trail Running Event donated a total amount of $8,000 to the Tournesol program. The mission of the Tournesol program is to allow underprivileged kids to attend the Saisonnier summer camp.


  • In 2015, The Running Clinic was involved in several projects, including raising $3,000 for the Salvation Army.


  • In 2014 and 2015, grants of $1,400 and $2,900, respectively, were awarded, with the help of our partners, to athletes for their outstanding performance at The Running Clinic Trail Running Event.


  • Several promising ambassador-athletes receive support from the fund for the health values they promote.



Amounts raised thanks to conferences delivered in 2016

Nantes, February 5: €120

Bordeaux, February 8: €700

Nancy, February 12: €120

Marseille, March 15: €600

Shawinigan, March 31: $1,515

Drummondville, April 6: $617

Montréal, April 8: $1,082

Sherbrooke, April 12: $890

Québec, April 13: $2,000 

Grenoble, May 6: €940

Québec, September 16: $1,800


Amounts raised for organizations and ambassador-athletes in 2016

Cours ta Réussite: $2,000 

Fibrose kystique Québec: $500

Charles-Philibert Thiboutot: $1,000

Sarah Bergeron-Larouche: $1,000

Florent Bouguin: $1,000

Anthony Larouche: $500

Antoine Thibeault: $500

Dany Racine: $500

Hubert Fortin: $500


Click here to support our efforts, contribute to health projects as well as causes that get people moving, and help provide financial assistance to athletes who achieve great results while promoting healthy and inspiring values.